Thursday, 1 October 2015

Halloween 31 For 31: A 2015 Introduction

It's another Halloween season, and while I've previously written a lot for these introductions before, here I'd rather keep it as brief as possible. For the uninitiated, this thirty one horror film reviews for the thirty one days of October and Halloween season. If there is any delay there'll still be thirty one reviews covered even if they encroach into November. Since the blog is about "abstract" films, the horror films I'll cover will lean towards unconventional works, though this season has always allowed me to stray off that course occasionally. Since startling a new blog in August called 1000 Anime - LINK HERE - this'll mean the Japanese anime I'll cover there for this month will be linked to as entries for this writing marathon too. For this season, I would like to emphasis more rewatches of films I've not seen in a while. I've neglected actually watching my DVD collection rather than merely buying new discs all the time, and this is fitting for the season to do especially when I own films that would've been covered on the site throughout the year regardless.

Again, preparing for this, I realise how difficult it'll be to accomplish it like the last years before on this blog and the older one. Writing thirty one reviews, when you tend to write a thousand words involuntarily, have to proof read and type it up on the computer, and live a regular life, is far harder than it may look. I've always felt the hairs prickle on the back of my neck in anticipation, however, when this time of the year is approaching, immediately preparing these each time with glee. The month of October for me in proximity by only a week or more had the same effect as for people who love Christmas, the moment I suddenly realised the month was approaching causing a sudden feeling of euphoria and anticipation for Halloween night. The productiveness and hard required for these writing seasons, even if they're only for me, give me a badge of pride in being able to coordinate myself for a month long project. As a result, I may wonder why I take the time to accomplish all these thirty one reviews, but by the end I'd have had immense fun doing so like the many times before.

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