Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween 31 For 31: Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek (2004)

Director: Shuhei Morita
Screenplay: Shiro Kuro
Cast (English/Japanese): Dan Green/Makoto Ueki (as Yaimao); Michael Sinterniklaas/Junko Takeuchi (as Hikora); Sean Schemmel/Rei Naitou (as Noshiga); Tom Wayland/Mika Ishibashi (as Tachiji); Veronica Taylor/Akiko Kobayashi (as Suku); Veronica Taylor/Masami Suzuki (as Sorincha)

Reaching the end of the season, this'll be the last of the 1000 Anime entries for the month. From November onwards however, I'll start to include links to the site through blog posts through this one, allowing a connective tissue to exist between them so 1000 Anime doesn't stay the isolated project it still is as its starting to get on its legs. The short being covered for this final anime review has sadly become very out-of-print in terms of the only English friendly version I know of, although of interest alongside titles as diverse of Belladonna of Sadness (1973) to Mind Games (2004), Germany has had quite a few of the more experimental and artier anime titles get released through the same distribution company, something which causes me to view any German anime fan as being incredibly lucky in comparison to their British cousins. Maybe with a group like Anime Limited, the Brits will have a better chance of getting such titles, but the more curious fans would bite their own arm off to get any of these titles if they didn't import it from the US or directly from Japan already. Because of Kakurenbo's twenty or so minute only length, it's going to be a problem attempting to ever re-release it in terms of cost and marketability, especially with the costs involved with anime, a shame as this experiment in telling a story with a still new animation technique has lead to its director starting to make a high profile of himself adaptation Tokyo Ghoul (2014), a new and popular series fittingly Halloween appropriate.

Abstract Spectrum: Weird
Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): None
Nothing to report in this area.

Personal Opinion:
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