Friday, 25 September 2015

Music of the Abstract: Heir Apparent by Opeth

October is soon approaching and that means Halloween as well. It's feels suitable to start making each of these entries for the entire month based around music that unsettles or suits the moodiness of the month, beginning a little bit earlier still in September with Opeth...

That Opeth have transitioned from progressive death metal to progressive rock over their records shows a great concern with exploring the possible reaches of the band's music. Many an obscure prog rock album has been referenced as inspiring the band or in the wheelhouse of taste of its central figure Mikael Åkerfeldt, and from the acoustic guitar to the various musical sections of this particular song, the diversity found in just a single track off an album of theirs is apparent. Plus in this particular case, you cannot say they've lost the death metal influence even if there are no blast beats. if I want to start off the October session with atmosphere, this is as moody as you could get.

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