Sunday, 26 July 2015

Music of the Abstract: Golem II - The Bionic Vapour Boy by Mr. Bungle

Sadly not the most prolific bands, but Mr. Bungle went from Mike Patton's high school band to fame, making the world a better place through their weird meshing of various music genres in the same song let alone the same album. Their demo albums are a tantalising what-if for me to heard, but they only released three official albums before they sadly disappeared off the face of the earth. (And sadly we can probably blame Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chilli Peppers for some of this). The truly strange metal of their self-titled, John Zorn produced debut (1991), the difficult, very experimental second album Disco Volante (1995) which I am still trying to grasp, and my favourite, California (1999). California takes the debut's stew of various musical types but makes the songs significantly shorter, somehow taking the weirdness of Butthole Surfers and their predecessors and making it poppy without compromising their unpredictability.

The following above is a great example of this, more so when you discover what the lyrics are like I have recently. Disco rock by way of various tangents and Jewish mythology, and it should've been a Top Ten hit like most of the songs on the album. That Patton would go on to be part of various other bands, and also found Fantômas, is like the as-of-yet unopened gift that keeps on giving to me.

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