Saturday, 18 July 2015

Music of the Abstract: F.C. The Freedom Club by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Of Natural History (2004) by the prog metal, art rock group Sleepytime Gorilla Museum has been with me as an album of songs for many years now since hearing it for the first time. Songs off it have grown to be some of the best I listen to, and I have barely scrapped into the world of the live performances and other music of the (sadly disbanded) American group. Using hand built instruments, the album includes stories of creatures ruling over humanity, field recordings of nature, a recorded interview with a Southern man which includes the topic of preventing one's knife from being lost stuck in someone else, and the song picked today, an ode to the dangers of technology. Is it hypocritical to make such a song when people like myself discovered this band through the internet and iTunes? Doesn't matter when the song is haunting and aggressive. 

And I thank the YouTube user who created the fan-made video for today's song choice. Appropriately disorientating for the complex time signatures and chaotic noise that takes place in all ten minutes of the song.

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