Monday, 26 June 2017

The Flying Luna Clipper (1987)


Director: Ikko Ono
A 1000 Anime Crossover

Abstract Spectrum: Psychotronic/Surreal
Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): Medium

One of the more curious (and obscurest) works I've covered on this blog or on 1000 Anime. A near hour long film made entirely from 8-bit technology of a Japanese videogame console called the MSX, The Flying Luna Clip is an inherently strange creation, the limited animation and vibrant, bit colour in elaborate detail already creating a fascinating tone before you get to the actual content. A trip both in plot and effect - whose passengers include snowmen, and anthropomorphic fruit and plants, flying in a plane boat around the Hawaiian Pacific whilst also experiencing dreams that the viewer also experience. The result is a haze with a tentative narrative, more a series of scenes and incidents, even a musical number with singing volcanoes, but one which for the most part is so innocuous and charming I felt love for it as a creation.

And its definitely strange. The actual existence of the film and how it was made, alongside its obscurity, adds to its weirdness but there's legitimate oddness on display that can only be described as pop surrealism, a kind that is constantly found in Japanese culture but, far from something to trivialise into the crass "weird Japan" term feels so much more sweet on multiple viewings. For the full review, follow the link HERE


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