Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Guyver/Guyver: Dark Hero (1991-94)


Director(s): Steve Wang and Screaming Mad George (The Guyver)
Steve Wang (Guyver: Dark Hero)

Screenplay: Jon Purdy (The Guyver)
Nathan Long and Steve Wang (Guyver: Dark Hero)

Cast: (The Guyver) - Jack Armstrong (as Sean Barker/The Guyver); Vivian Wu (as Mizky Segawa); Mark Hamill (as Max Reed); David Gale (as Fulton Balcus); Michael Berryman (as Lisker); Jimmie Walker (as Striker)
(Guyver: Dark Hero) - David Hayter (as Sean Barker); Kathy Christopherson (as Cori); Bruno Patrick (as Crane); Christopher Michael (as Atkins); Stuart Weiss (as Marcus)

A Night of a Thousand Horror (Movies) #97-8
A 1000 Anime Crossover

The convoluted credits above for this blog entry is only because on 1000 Anime I decided to cover both the live action adaptations of Yoshiki Takaya's legendary manga at once. Two very odd creations in hindsight, The Guyver from 1991 a Brian Yuzna production that decided for a PG-13 tone in spite of its elaborate practical effects, the sequel Guyver: Dark Hero (a film I covered on an old blog, whose review I might put on this one in the future for interest) taking influence from the fight coordinator's history with the Power Rangers TV series in their original Japanese form, alongside his group the Alpha Stunt Team, to turn the short franchise into a bloodier version of that show with pride in its low budget ambition. Do they qualify for "A Night of a Thousand Horror (Movies)" though? Body horror does permeate them, something that could rear its head more if I ever covered the animated adaptations from Japan, as men are turned into monsters (including an infamous moment for one famous actor in the 1991 Guyver) and the Guyver unit itself transforming a person into an alien-human hybrid who can overcome even death with Cronenbergian effect. While they're sci-fi monster movies first and foremost, they do fit in terms of their premises as horror, only the 1991 film took some strange liberties into a lot of slapstick comedy with cult horror actors like Michael Berryman, Jeffrey Combs in a cameo and David Gale, and Guyver: Dark Hero having stuntmen in rubber monster costumes kicking the crap out of each other like a bizarre take on an old fifties American monster movie.

For the full, lengthy review of both in one post, follow the link to the review HERE.


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