Thursday, 30 March 2017

Dark Myth (1990)


Director: Takashi Anno
Screenplay: Takashi Anno and Tomomi Mochizuki
Voice Cast: Alan Myers (as Takeshi); Jay Harper (as Kikuchihiko); Peter Marinker (as Takeuchi); Blair Fairman (as the Narrator); Daniel Flynn (as Brahman); John Baddeley (as Hayato); John Bennet (as Jiku); Larissa Murray (as Miya)
A Night of a Thousand Horror (Movies) #93

With the following, I dive into the more marred area of anime horror and fantasy. This may sound immediately dismissive of Dark Myth but, bearing in mind its far from a perfect straight-to-video anime in the first place, the review takes on a nostalgic admiration for this type of obscurer, flawed one-off from the late eighties and early nineties era of animation, one which ended up part of something called The Collection, explained if you follow the link below, which has formed an odd part of my nostalgia getting into anime in the early 2000s. Mostly surrounding more modern anime released by the late ADV Films, The Collection from Manga Entertainment was nonetheless a gateway to older anime for me in spite of only having English dubs, many of them frankly bad, a strange motley bunch of obscure titles and notorious ones like Violence Jack (1986-1990), and symbols on the DVD spines unique to each title who's meaning I've yet to understand. For better and worse, this series which included Dark Myth was as much an important part of getting into the medium as was getting second hand Manga Entertainment releases of Ninja Scroll (1993) and Akira (1988).

For more on this, and a review on this fantasy horror anime about ancient mythology, hungry ghosts and late eighties synth, click for the full review HERE


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