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1000 Anime Crossover: April 2016

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#22: Gyo - Tokyo Fish Attack (2012)
Director: Takayuki Hirao
Screenplay: Akihiro Yoshida, Takayuki Hirao
Based on a manga by Junji Ito
(Voice) Cast: Mirai Kataoka (as Kaori); Ami Taniguchi (as Erika); Hideki Abe (as Shirakawa); Hiroshi Okazaki (as Professor Koyanagi); Masami Saeki (as Aki); Takuma Negishi (as Tadashi)
Viewed in Japanese with English Subtitles

Abstract Spectrum: Grotesque/Weird
Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): None

The manga of Junji Ito deserves a cinematic adaption, live action or manga, that does justice to its weird, sometimes disgusting content, firmly making his reputation as a horror manga author through idiosyncratically strange, comic horror stories. His reputation for strangeness, from drawing himself in Uzumaki (1998-9) as a spiral obsessed shell of a  man to writing a manga about raising two pet cats with the same art style of his horror tales begs for an appropriately abstract movie from the work. Gyo the anime does its best, but it just misses out of being as strange aesthetically as the manga itself. It replicates the gross weirdness of the material but in style and structure it's pretty conventional, while doing very well in getting the tone right, an adaptation like the live action take of Uzumaki from 2000 having a better chance at scrapping into the Abstract List.

For the full review, following the link HERE.

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#23: Dead Leaves (2004)
Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Screenplay: Takeichi Honda
(Voice) Cast: Kappei Yamaguchi (as Retro); Takako Honda (as Pandy); Yuko Mizutani (as Galactica); 666 (as Mitsuo Iwata); 777 (as Kiyoyuki Yanada); Chinko (as Nobuo Tobita)
Viewed in Japanese with English Subtitles

The first of (hopefully) many tie-in to the 1000 Anime blog and this one, I won't spoil any of the opinions I had and just provide the link to the review HERE.

From http://images.myreviewer.co.uk/fullsize/0000059829.jpg
#24: Yuki Terai - Secrets (2000)
Based on a original premise
Viewed in Japanese with English Subtitles
Abstract Spectrum: Weird
Abstract Rating  (High/Medium/Low/None): None

One of the more obscurer things I've covered for the 1000 Anime blog, the only segment of this animated short compilation that is unconventional is The Mirror, about the titular protagonist being menaced by her mirror reflections, the sort of thing that could've gotten into the Abstract List for its tone and style but misses out just because of its dated visual appearance, without any distinct character to it more significantly, and missing out of using the premise fully. The rest, which you can read about HERE, is far from abstract and a curiosity only.

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