Wednesday, 17 February 2016

1000 Anime Crossover: January 2016

#15: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo
Screenplay: Gen Urobuchi
Voice Cast: Aoi Yūki (as Madoka Kaname); Chiwa Saito (as Homura Akemi); Emiri Katō (as Kyubey); Ai Nonaka (as Kyōko Sakura); Eri Kitamura (as Sayaka Miki); Kaori Mizuhashi as Mami Tomoe and Tatsuya Kaname)

Abstract Spectrum: Fantastique/Surreal
Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): None

Finally seeing the series that caught people by surprise, taking the magical girl trope into darker and more existential territory, it doesn't matter in this case that it's not an abstract work at all. It does have some very unconventional and inspired ideas aesthetically which have importance in telling the story and adding to the emotional content, especially the surrealistic edge of having the monsters of the show based on innocent, childish motifs such as food or the circus. Unbelievably grim, I don't recommend watching Madoka in a  low mood, but after hearing about the show over five years the surprising emotional punch I had from it will be one of the best things of 2016 in terms of first viewings.

For my full view, follow the link HERE.

#16: Galerians: Rion (2002)
Director: Masahiko Maesawa
Screenplay: Chinfa Kan
Voice Cast: Akira Ishida (as Rion); Shiho Kikuchi (as Lilia); Akira Ishida (as Cain); Kenichi Suzumura (as Rainheart); Ryoko Kinomiya (as Dorothy); Takehito Koyasu (as Birdman); Yuka Imai (as Rita)

Abstract Spectrum: Grotesque
Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): None
One of the last early 3D anime before Shinji Aramaki's Appleseed (2004) brought up the quality visually of this sort of thing and it became more common - just from Aramaki deciding everything he would make afterwards would be 3D animation - Rion is certainly a forgotten oddity, a videogame adaptation that does suffer from its visual and storytelling limitations. The most compelling thing about the anime is this struggle, although it does have the strange back-story of its Western DVD release including an alternative soundtrack including Slipknot and Mudvayne, thus bringing back memories from my childhood without having even listening to that alternative version.

For my full view, follow the link HERE.

#17: You're Under Arrest! - The Motion Picture (1999)
Director: Junji Nishimura
Screenplay: Masashi Sogo and Seiji Soga
Voice Cast: Akiko Hiramatsu (as Miyuki Kobayakawa); Sakiko Tamagawa (as Natsumi Tsujimoto); Bin Shimada (as Ken Nakajima); Etsuko Kozakura (as Yoriko Nikaido); Ikuya Sawaki (as Inspector Tokuno); Issei Masamune (as Chief)

Abstract Spectrum: None
Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): None
After being introduced to this popular franchise through two terrible anime spin-offs, this was a better way to get into a long running series by way of a beautifully anime, fun action comedy that never gets bogged down by its more serious plot but never becomes mediocre fluff.

For my full view, follow the link HERE.

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