Monday, 11 January 2016

Music of the Abstract: Leyendecker by Battles

To begin 2016, the unlikely meeting of electronics and percussion creates a beautiful three minute pop song. Battles suddenly became big in 2007, including a memorable performance of Atlas on the Jools Holland Show in the UK, and what makes this particular song and the album it comes from stand is the importance of all the instruments, from voice to guitars, in adding to the rhythm. There is an alien yet utterly hummable beat to all the songs off the album Mirrored, math rock which is yet possible to dance to. It also helps that, with his ridiculously high snare cymbal, the band had the drummer from Helmet amongst the group.

Bizarrely I never went beyond the first album despite adoring it. If there's something to rectify its catching up with the two other LPs they made up to date.

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