Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Music of the Abstract: Mr. Armageddon by Locomotive

It has been a while since I've completed a Music of the Abstract article, so to compensate for a lack of a main review during Christmas week, I offer a sample of lush psychedelic rock. Heavy use of orchestra, no lead guitar and very memorable lyrics throughout the album contribute to something that, going through it for the first time, manages to skirt the twee that I find in a few British albums from between the late sixties and early seventies without losing grit to it.

Unfortunately Locomotive only released the album Mr. Armageddon comes from, We Are Everything You See (1970), never to create anything beyond it. For every band that managed to do well in the seventies, even as a cult group, many are left with a sole shining gem of an LP only before they vanish. Thankfully these one-offs, including Locomotive's, can even be found on Spotify.

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