Tuesday, 10 November 2015

1000 Anime Crossover: Cyber City Oedo 808 (1990)

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Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Screenplay: Akinori Endo
Voice Cast: Hiroya Ishimaru (as Shunsuke Sengoku); Kaneto Shiozawa (as Merrill "Benten" Yanagawa); Tesshô Genda (as Rikiya "Goggles" Gabimaru); Emi Shinohara (as Remi Masuda); Kyousei Tsukui (as Versus); Mitsuko Horie (as Kyōko "Okyō" Jōnouchi); Norio Wakamoto (as Juzo Hasegawa)

Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): None
Kawajiri makes his debut on my anime review blog, and whether his work could qualify as abstract or not, he's someone who has contributed a lot of imaginative and shocking images in his career. Cyber City Oedo 808 is one of his more lighter toned action works, without a lot of the more darker and mature content - a lot of gore but none of the transgression of works like Wicked City (1987) - and while it couldn't qualify for the list, it does make up for it with some of its more exaggerated story content choices.

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