Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Videotape Swapshop Review: Meet The Feebles (1989)


Dir. Peter Jackson

Now for something perverse. I am disappointed with the direction Peter Jackson went with his career - high budget Hollywood films that feel too clean and overdone in design. I cannot help but look back at his early splatstick films and admire their politically incorrect, low budget genre content more so. Meet the Feebles is the more divisive film of the group that consists of three films - as Bad Taste (1987) and Braindead (1992) can be enjoyed as gooey splatter horror films, Meet the Feebles is far more rancid and coarse, a parody of the Muppets that is entirely about the most lurid content possible. It feels grimy and for the better for it.

Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): None
While the sight of puppets, including human sized ones that are brought to life by people in costumes, engaging in anything from drugs, sex, suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, violence and various forms of taboo is startling, it's not inherently strange to witness. Its concern is with bad taste, to quote the title of Jackson's first film, not being weird. That's not an issue for me at all as instead this belongs at the top of the Tasteless Rating scale if one was ever created. It doesn't detract from the shock of witnessing the content as, with my dark sense of humour, I also found it hilarious.

Personal Opinion:
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