Friday, 19 September 2014

Archival Reviews: Branded To Kill (1967)

Booklet Cover for the Exceptionable Arrow Video Blu-Ray/DVD Release

Dir. Seijun Suzuki

Since I wrote a blog before this one, it's wrong to erase the old material I compiled on it and, even if I may re-write many reviews from it with the practice I have now, there are others that still retain the opinions I have of the works covered perfectly, so why not include a link to the old page and go through the films in question through the new structure of my reviews? To begin this, why not Branded To Kill, a poster boy for unconventional pulp cinema which famously got its director banned from making films by the studio he was working for? A narrative about the No. 3 top assassin of an organisation (Joe Shishido) whose abrupt mistake during an assassination leads his group to try and take him out, a delirious film in monochrome with abrupt tangents that influenced many a filmmaker decades after,

Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): Medium
This might raise eyebrows, but from the few films I've seen, Seijun Suzuki could make even more unconventional films than this one. It's still attached to a very well worn narrative, contrary to its reputation, though that doesn't stop it, through its style, presentation and narrative turns from living up to its reputation as being a very off-kilter film. It's just that the director could go even further in this experimentation with great results.

Personal Opinion:
For that, go and read my original review here - Branded To Kill Review - for the final opinion and a longer write up.


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