Sunday, 15 June 2014

Videotape Swapshop Review: Devil's Wedding Night, The (1973)


Dir(s). Luigi Batzella (and Joe D'Amato)

Since I've transferred my attentions to this new blog, my previous work of adding links to my Videotape Swapshop reviews will continue here, particularly as many of the films I cover on that site fit the context for this one. Starting off, here is some Gothic Italian horror - The Devil's Wedding Night Review . The advantage this new blog's format can have is that I can add additional material to my existing review considering whether the films qualify under the Abstract tag or not. So for example, going from the film covered here...

Abstract Rating (High/Medium/Low/None): None
Pretty conventional horror film. Some unconventional moments take place as the evil entity the protagonists encounter plays with their minds, but nothing truly surreal.

Personal Opinion
As in all of these cases, I would want the reader of this to follow the link to the original review. I thought it was fun for what it was, and you can find out why following the link above. Controversially, I find something like The Devil's Wedding Night far more interesting than my country's own Hammer horror films for the reasons stated in that original review, a subject for another time if Hammer films are brought up again on this blog.

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